Lifestyle Monitoring: a new form of care

“I cannot imagine my job as a Case Manager Dementia anymore without the help of Sensara.”

Based on Sensara HomeCare’s smart sensor technology, Cordaan now offers a new form of care and insight to elderly residents who live alone. With Sensara, family members, caregivers and professional care personnel can keep an eye out for the residents, allowing them to stay in their own home and familiar surroundings longer. Christelle is one of the Case Managers who have been using Sensara for a while and she is now sharing her experiences:

Christelle, Case Manager Dementia in the south of Amsterdam: "Sensara offers us a lot of information about how a client is doing. The system has already helped me multiple times to deliver the appropriate care.”


The sensors on the walls, door, fridge door and in bed give me and the family insight in the lifestyle of the client and we are informed about any aberrances. Sensara offers us a lot of information about how a client is doing. The system has already helped me multiple times to deliver the appropriate care.


For instance, the family and me were informed that client X had gone to the toilet about 20 times in a relatively short period. We checked her urine and it turned out she had a pretty severe urinary infection.


I also had Sensara installed for a woman with severe dementia. The daughter who lived at a great distance was very worried about her mother, thinking of having her committed to a nursing home. The son on the other hand wanted his mother to remain in her own home. It was unclear if the woman was sleeping at night or if she might be wandering around. Sensara showed us that she was in fact staying in bed. We could also check if she was regularly going to her daytime activity location. The daughter is very happy with the system and feels more in control now of how her mom is doing. And so, mom can stay in her own home longer.


The system offers reassurance to caregivers and that’s why my experience is that families and other loved ones are very happy and satisfied with Sensara. In general, the clients themselves are happy with it as well (at least as far as they are aware of it being there). It’s a passive alarming system which really gives you a secure feeling. Passive because a changing living pattern, for instance when a client doesn’t come out of bed, will prompt a signal to the app user. As a Case Manager I am not responsible for those notifications. I only look at the patterns and discuss those where needed with the client and loved ones. For me it’s hard to imagine my work without Sensara anymore, to be honest. We now have so much more valuable information which means more security and fitting care for our clients!


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